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Ratų suvedimas

Your car wheels are part of your car chassis as it has a direct contact with the road surface. That’s why you can feel comfortable and secured if the contact between tires and road surface is appropriate. If the wheel geometry is properly adjusted, it helps you save fuel, the car is tame when turning, and the tires wear out slower. Even though it is recommended to perform wheel alignment after every 10-15 thousand kilometers, there are many reasons which can affect wheel geometry, so wheel should be aligned in these cases:

  • After changing steering wheel column, rods, and support rubbers;
  • After changing suspension rubber liners, joints, shock absorbers and its support;
  • After repairing chassis;
  • After changing all the rims and tires;
  • After an accident or hitting a curb;
  • After you let go of the wheel, when there is a pull towards one direction, the car becomes unstable, or tires slide and squeak when turning;
  • If you pull over and the car becomes unstable and turns to either direction;
  • After you make a turn and the steering wheel does not go back to its original position;
  • If there is an increased or uneven tire wear.

Modern cars need to have both front and back axle wheels aligned. To do this, AUTO AUKSTĖ has a laser stand, JOHN BEAN. The stand is mounted on the floor so that we could align wheels of passenger cars as well as long station-wagons. This is done by specialists who are highly qualified and have years of experience. In order to maintain highest standards, to improve our knowledge and to provide you with high-quality services, we perform regular technical inspection of our equipment, as well as accurate calibration, and we also systematically update software and update our database with new car models.

As we pay attention to newest technologies, we can call ourselves modern and innovative specialists of car service and repair, as we can take care of flawless wheel geometry of your car. Don’t wait any longer and contact us to learn more about AUTO AKSTĖ’s services. Quality is guaranteed.

Ratų suvedimas