Einamasis remontas
Einamasis remontas

Are you considering where to repair your car? Repair it at our center because here your car will have enough attention and you will get not the most expensive but the most optimal solutions.

Car center AUTO AKSTĖ has been performing current upkeep for more than 15 years. So we have enough experience in various car repair areas.

Currently, we provide these repair services for cars of all brands:

  • Chassis checkup and repair;
  • Suspension checkup and repair;
  • Break system inspection using a computer stand and repair;
  • Small engine repair, distribution and generator belt, and tensions replacement;
  • Gas exhaustion system checkup and repair;
  • Fat leak removal;
  • Gearbox repair;
  • Repair of the reducer;
  • Steering wheel column repair;
  • Generator repair;
  • Starter repair;
  • Clutch replacement;
  • Electrical system and comfort equipment repair;
  • And other works.

Why should you work with us? There are a few important reasons why clients trust us:

  • We are professionals in our field;
  • We not only perform repair works, but also advice car owners on how to avoid problems in the future, how to take care of their car.
  • Our car repair services aren’t expensive. Our aim is not to get as much money as possible from our clients, but to find an optimal solution in terms of both price and quality.
  • We use parts by original and not original manufacturers, yet these are of good quality. We try to get the best result possible, to make sure that the car is orderly and safe.
  • We provide complex repair services. It means that you don’t have to go from one service to another if you want to repair different faults, because our craftsmen repair everything.
  • We work fast. We understand that every hour without a car to our clients causes troubles.
  • Our services are insured by the civil liability insurance. Therefore, in case we make a mistake, you will get a compensation.
  • We seek long-term cooperation and we want you to become our loyal customer. We would like to see you at least twice a year. Then we’ll be able to inspect your car and repair it.

Sign up now and see it for yourself! Call us +370 37 460 460.