Are you planning a long trip and want to be sure that your car is in good working order? Are you preparing for a technical inspection at Regitra and are concerned that there might be something that would prevent you from getting a TI sheet? Have you just bought a car and want to know it real condition? We’ll take care of your car’s maintenance! Sign up now!

Maintenance is an exceptional service at AUTO AKSTĖ which is necessary for all vehicles. Whether they are in working order, or have minimal or obvious faults, maintenance has to be conducted regularly, after driving a specific distance. It includes various procedures:

  • Changing oil and filters in the engine;
  • Changing oil and filters in an automatic transmission;
  • Changing fat in a mechanical transmission and reducer;
  • Changing distribution and generator belts, its tensions;
  • Wheel mounting, balancing;
  • Wheel alignment;
  • Fluid check, refill and timely replacement;
  • Suspension, transmission, checkup;
  • Break checkup using a computer stand;
  • Car shock-absorbers checkup using a computer stand;
  • Conditioner inspection and refilling;
  • Conditioner antibacterial disinfection (to avoid bad smell in the cabin);
  • Light regulation;
  • Other works

Regular and timely maintenance ensures that your car works well. Possible faults and drawbacks will be detected early and it won’t cause you any troubles.

Like technical maintenance, current upkeep is an inevitable part of your car’s exploitation. All metal, plastic and rubber parts wear out eventually. That’s why you need to repair them or change them once in a while.

We could enumerate the following parts of current upkeep:

  • Chassis inspection and repair;
  • Suspension inspection and repair;
  • Brake system inspection using a hardware stand and repair;
  • Small engine repair works, replacement of distribution, generator belt and tensions;
  • Exhaustion system inspection and repair;
  • Oil leak removal;
  • Gearbox repair;
  • Reducer repair;
  • Steering wheel column repair;
  • Generator repair;
  • Starter repair;
  • Clutch replacement;
  • Electrical system and comfort equipment repair;

Negligent car inspection is usually the driver’s fault. In order for your car to work properly, you need to come to us more often, at least twice a year. We are going to consult you and advise you on how to take car of your car better. Symbolically, it can be two periods when you need to change the tires, from April 1st and from November 1st, when you are required to change the tires. It can also be done when carrying out regular oil replacement. Also, maintenance could help you prepare for the upcoming season and detect faults that appeared in the past few months. Our business managing system stores all the data about our clients’ cars, previous faults, and repair works. It can save a lot of time and money. That’s why appreciate constant cooperation.

Why should you work with us?

There are a few important reasons why clients trust us:

  • We are professionals in our field;
  • We not only perform repair works, but also advice car owners on how to avoid problems in the future, how to take care of their car.
  • Our car repair services aren’t expensive. Our aim is not to get as much money as possible from our clients, but to find an optimal solution in terms of both price and quality.
  • We use parts by original and not original manufacturers, yet these are of good quality. We try to get the best result possible, to make sure that the car is orderly and safe.
  • We provide complex repair services. It means that you don’t have to go from one service to another if you want to repair different faults, because our craftsmen repair everything.
  • We work fast. We understand that every hour without a car to our clients causes troubles.
  • Our services are insured by the civil liability insurance. Therefore, in case we make a mistake, you will get compensation.
  • We seek long-term cooperation and we want you to become our loyal customer. We would like to see you at least twice a year.  Then we’ll be able to inspect your car and repair it.

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