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Techninė pagalba kelyje

Did your car break down on the road? Did you have and accident and you can’t continue your trip? Do not hesitate and call us +370 37 460 460 or 8 698 25339. Our mobile phone is on all day. The technical assistance car driver will receive your phone call and will come and help you as soon as possible. Tows are adapted to transport cars of any size. So they can carry both passenger cars and commercial vehicles (vans).

There are two crews at AUTO AKSTĖ that provide technical assistance. Emergency or faulty car can be taken from any location in Lithuania, any time of the day. We work on holidays too. You can contact us by calling the above numbers. Since we are located in Kaunas, you can get help in 1-3 hours, unless someone else needs assistance.

Note that the technical assistance car driver is not a mechanic and cannot repair your car in the street or on the road because he is not qualified and has no equipment (our mechanics do that). Using special equipment, he will lift your car on the tow platform and get your car to the address you provide or to your parking site where our specialists will repair it.

Technical assistance is paid for in cash (or, if you are our registered client, by a bank transfer) according to the number of kilometers traveled and basic rates. If necessary, you will get an invoice.

To get tehnical assitance, call us:

8 37 460 460 during working hours
8 698 25339 – all day.

Techninė pagalba kelyje