Pakaitinis automobilis

If the repair works last long, it definitely causes problems. In order to decrease the number of problems, we give replacement cars for our clients. We have 8 passenger cars and one goods van. We usually offer replacement car for those who have their car body repaired as it takes more time. But we also give these cars to people who leave their cars for current upkeep, and it takes more than 1 day.

We cannot give replacement cars for all clients. That’s why you should reserve it.

Clients return the car with the same amount of fuel as there was when the car was given to them, and the car is in working order and clean. Our cars are insured by CASCO insurance. We don’t provide car rent with the driver service.

We hope that our replacement car service will make you experience as little inconvenience as possible during the time your car is being repaired.

Contact us now and we will tell you more about the replacement car service. Call us +370 37 460 460.