Do you want your car to be safe and work properly? Take care not only of the tires, but also its proper mounting and balancing. Car wheel balancing is a symmetrical outweigh of the wheels that ensure comfortable driving and even tire wear.  Usually, drivers twice a year, in spring and fall, come to car services to remount and balance their car wheels Otherwise, it is done if tires are punctured, rims are folded, or it becomes impossible to drive the car.

Wheels need balancing as soon as you feel vibration when driving. Vibration appears because of variety of reasons, such as unevenly worn tire, the rim is folded after you fall into a bigger hole, if dirt (or ice in winter) gets stuck on the rim.

Unbalanced wheel can cause a lot of problems:

  • unpleasant vibration when driving (and especially when you hit the brakes);
  • additional sound;
  • insecurity;
  • uneven tire wear;
  • suspension, wheel and brake system’s additional load.

At car center AUTO AKSTĖ our specialists know the specifics of their work, and, using modern equipment, they can mount and balance you car wheels at the beginning of each season. They will also advise you on what tires and rims to choose, what the air pressure in the tires should be, and how to exploit your car wheels so that it would serve you for a long time.