Did you notice a small defect? Are you unsure whether you’ll be able to fix it?
Contact car center AUTO AKSTĖ and we will help you with small repair works.

Qualified craftsmen work at car center AUTO AKSTĖ, and they are always ready to fix even the smallest defects. And there can be a variety of defects. Small repair works are as follows:

  • Changing oil, fat, filters;
  • Light regulation;
  • Checkup and refill of all the fluids in the car;
  • Adjustment of window screen liquid nozzles;
  • Window screen wiper repair, changing rubbers;
  • Changing and fixing accumulator;
  • Fixing trailer hook and electrical installation;
  • Fixing bicycle stand and roof rack;
  • Repair of the window lift mechanism;
  • Repair of the door closing and lock mechanisms;
  • Seat belt fastening mechanism repair and change;
  • Mirror and its heating mechanism repair;
  • Replacement of batteries of the key and alarm remote control;
  • Hardware board computer error deletion;
  • Cabin light replacement;
  • And other small repair works.

Don’t wait until you have a number of faults. We can remove them quickly.

If you have even a smallest issue, call us and sign up for inspection. Call us +370 37 460 460