To ensure that your car is safe on the road, you have to make sure that it is stable. It means that the frame, suspension, chassis, and steering wheel system have to be intact. Suspension, chassis and steering wheel system repair has to be done only by qualified specialists.

Constant chassis maintenance is a way to avoid accidents on the road. That is so because the obedience of the car depends on the status of the chassis. The driver has to know that the car (or any other vehicle) is obedient and can go on any rod surface: straight, winding, wet or dry, and even bumpy. The chassis has to be stable in all situations. Outside sounds, such as burr, rattle, crackle, as well as instability on the road, swing, show you that the chassis probably needs a repair. In order to remove the features of the fault and your car would be stable your car chassis needs to have chassis diagnostics. Auto Akstė’s specialists will check whether your car needs a suspension, chassis, or steering wheel system repair to make your car secured again.

Suspension system consists of shock absorbers, springs, levers, supports and other metal and rubber parts. When these are worn out then the wheel geometry changes. The car becomes difficult to control, steering wheel position changes, tires wear out unevenly. Shock absorbers absorb vertical vibrations, soften body shock, reduce swing on winding road, and ensure maximum wheel bite with the road surface which is important when hitting the brake. Steering wheel system. This part of the chassis has a clear purpose. It makes the driving wheels replicate steering wheel movements. The base of the steering wheel system consists of the steering wheel column, steering wheel rods and hydraulic (or electrical) steering wheel servo. When these components are in order, your car works properly. While exploiting your car, the steering wheel mechanism (in the column and servo) might become loose, leaky, steering wheel servo oil might disappear, the wheel might become heavy, and unpleasant sound can be heard when turning. It shows that you need to contact a car center immediately because brake and steering wheel systems directly affect your safety and others around you.

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