Varikliu remontas
Varikliu remontas

Often, the engine is compared with the human heart, and car and engine repair is compared with human treatment. In the car, like in the human organism, everything has to function properly. Therefore, if your car needs a current or capital engine upkeep, contact professionals at car center “AUTO AKSTĖ”.

For any car, engine performance is very important, so you shouldn’t even the smallest issues. To know about these, you can see lights in the dashboard, hear additional sounds of the engine, see very dark or (even worse) blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, also your car may be hard to start, the car may jerk, the engine might stall or work improperly. If you notice such things, you should contact specialists at a car center. By performing diagnostics, you can know if your car need a current (small), or a capital upkeep.

Small repair is less “painful.” It might be that only plugs, high-voltage wires, fuel injectors, air flow meter, or fuel filters need to be replaced. Other works that are a bit more complex include: replacement of the distribution shaft and its gear, valves, or cylinder head gasket.

It’s worse if there are more serious problems and the engine needs to be completely dismantled and repaired substantially.

In the past, in most cases, drivers would prefer finding and installing another used engine as if it was cheaper. However, if you buy a used engine, its quality can’t be guaranteed. So in many cases, what buyers buy is a unit which is almost the same. 

Car center AUTO AKSTĖ recommends repairing the engine. That, of course, is more expensive but what you get is a capital repair. Every part is repaired and you also get a guarantee. The engine is as new.

These services are available with both petrol and diesel cars and vans.

In order for your car to serve you for as long as possible, maintenance has to be done regularly and properly. For example, periodicity is important when replacing engine oil, it’s also important how you maintain the coolant level and its concentration, whether the distribution and its tension parts are changed regularly and properly.

If you have doubts about your car engine, contact us to get your car engine inspected. Call us +370 37 460 460.