With the development of cars, devices used for maintenance are developed as well. Nowadays, evry complex repair needs to be diagnosed in advance to detect faults. A complex diagnostics equipment shows the faults. But that’s just the beginning. Then, follows a difficult stage when we need to find and remove the reason of the fault. Diagnostics is necessary when detecting not only engine, but also car electricity, security, comfort, suspension, and break system faults. Car center AUTO AKSTĖ employs a specialist who has enough experience and who always improves his knowledge, reads news, and efficiently applies new skills and professionalism when working with each car.

Being qualified car fault diagnostics specialists, we have chosen Bosch, one of the best manufacturers of such equipment. Every year, we update our equipment database by adding new car models, that’s why we can provide services to newer cars.

AUTO AKSTĖ provides these services:

  • Hardware diagnostics of ABS-ESP and other brake systems;
  • Hardware diagnostics of the AIR BAG system;
  • Hardware diagnostics of DPF and exhaust cleaning system;
  • Hardware diagnostics of adaptive suspension;
  • Hardware diagnostics of car comfort system;
  • Hardware diagnostics of all car engine control systems;

So, contact us on any issue and we will not only detect and erase your car’s control block errors, but also detect reasons of the faults and remove them.