Are you worried about the reliability of your car brakes? We recommend you to come to us immediately to check the brakes are working properly. The brakes are the main mechanism that guarantees safety, and it protects your health and life and others around you. That’s why there can’t be any compromises.

The brake system is a unified mechanism which consists of a few basic parts: brake discs, pads, hoses, cables, cylinders, servo, brake fluids and complex support systems, ABS and ESP.

The most common brake system fault is worn out pads. Depending on the type of your car and your driving style, “the right” brake pads can serve from 15 to 70 thousand kilometers. Why “the right?” Today, when it’s difficult to count the number of brake pad manufacturers, it is really important to choose the product that is made by a responsible manufacturer. Having been in this business for a long time, we can offer you the best product for the best price.

Brake discs also wear out quite fast. It usually wears out naturally after serving some time. However, in many cases, worn out pads affect good discs. That’s why it’s necessary to change them as soon as the light flashes in the dashboard, or a wheel starts to squeak.
Worn out discs may crack and there might be vibration when you hit brakes. Often, driving style affects the quality of the discs. During intensive driving, brake discs become very hot (in some cases the temperature rises to more than 500 degrees). If you drive over water, they reform and cause vibration when hitting the brakes.

Brake hoses are parts that we check every time, on every car that is on the lift. It’s a really important part because it has to withstand a high pressure of the brake system and impact from the outside (water, dirt). It the hose cracks, the car becomes uncontrollable and accidents are unavoidable.

A rare fault is the issue of the main brake cylinder. Working wheel cylinders cause problems more often. It is common to older cars. Cylinder pistons rust up after the outer rubber protections crack, or if they are affected by the brake fluid (to which water condensate gets in). It’s not a secret that most drivers don’t even know that the car’s brake fluid extracts moisture from the outside. Therefore, you should change it every 3 years. Then the cylinders won’t rust up and block the support.

These are the most popular basic brake system repair works:

  • Brake diagnostics;
  • Brake disc replacement;
  • Brake pad replacement;
  • Brake cylinder replacement;
  • Brake hose replacement;
  • Brake fluid replacement, air extraction from the system;
  • Brake support repair or replacement;
  • Manual brake cable repair or replacement;
  • Other small brake system repair works.

It is impossible to briefly describe all the problems that can occur. So contact our car center AUTO AKSTĖ and get answers to all of your questions. Call us +370 37 460 460.