Kėbulų remontas ir dažymas

Has your car been in an accident recently? Is the body dent? Or maybe it needs to be repainted or varnished? If you answered YES to one of the questions, there’s a reason for you to contact AUTO AKSTĖ, where experienced vehicle craftsmen will remove all the defects in a short time.

Body repair is primarily a repair that affects safety. That’s because suspension parts and lighting elements are often broken in an accident. On the other hand, it is also an aesthetic car repair.
Every driver wants their car to be in perfect condition, and it doesn’t look good if the paint layer is damaged.  The damage of the lacquer layer can wait, but the damaged paint layer has to be fixed as fast as possible, otherwise, the car can rust up. After rust appears, the value and looks of the car decrease even quicker, so don’t wait. Body repair is necessary for your car!

Dents that appear after an accident don’t look good on the body. What is more, it might prevent you from exploiting your car. So the body repair service need special equipment and the touch of the specialist.

Body repair consists of these stages:

  • Body dismantlement;
  • Body smoothing;
  • Restore of body geometry after a complex deformation (using a computer stand);
  • Repair of plastic parts of the body;
  • Body preparation and its painting.

We perform these operations efficiently and fast, using modern equipment:

  • Italian painting chamber NOVA VERTA;
  • Swedish hardware stands that restore body geometry, CARO LINER;
  • World-known paint producer DU PONT’s color selection stirrer and its water-based paint and lacquer.

After we repair your car, we wash it and clean the cabin, and then return it to you.

Modern equipment of AUTO AKSTĖ and the harmonious team guarantee the quality of the work and repair not only passenger cars but commercial vehicles (vans) as well. Professional body repair lets you say goodbye to scratches and dents on your car.

All the biggest insurance companies in Lithuania (Lietuvos draudimas, Gjensidige, IF draudimas, ERGO, BTA, Compensa) trust AUTO AKSTĖ. We’ve been partners of these companies for many years. They trust us, you can as well.

Call us and register for an appointment: +370 37 460 461.