In areas where the weather is unstable, like in Lithuania, car cabin air conditioning system is of really important, and it affects how comfortable we are when traveling. Air conditioner ensures balanced air moisture and temperature without the need to open the windows. Unfortunately, conditioner needs maintenance and service as well. It’s a complex system which consists of a radiator, compressor, evaporator, filter, and various tubes and connectors.  That’s why, after some time, the system becomes less hermetic and the amount of Freon decreases. Then you feel that on a hot day the conditioner does not work as it should, and you go to the nearest car center.

Another unpleasant feature of the conditioner is unpleasant smell in the cabin. Due to unstable temperature, condensate, dust, and pollen appear on the evaporator in the cabin. If the medium is favorable, there might appear various bacteria, mold, and fungi. All these begin to cause an unpleasant smell, and that’s another reason to visit a car center.

In order not to have these issues at the wrong time, we recommend you not to keep the conditioner turned off for a longer period of time. Even in such cases when the temperature outside is low, turn on the conditioner for a few minutes, let the compressor work for some time. Otherwise, especially for older cars, there is a great chance that, due to moisture, corrosion might affect the compressor and prevent it from starting.

We, car center AUTO AKSTĖ, are going to help with the maintenance of your car’s air conditioner. We will estimate how much exactly your car needs cooling fluid (Freon), also using specialized conditioning diagnostics and refilling equipment we will detect even the smallest faults and remove them. Don’t hesitate and contact us if you have any questions. Honest communication and carefulness is the key to your trust and a great reputation.

Due to the diligence of our specialists and modern equipment, we can carry out these works smoothly, promptly, and efficiently:

  • Conditioning system parameters checkup and fault detection;
  • Conditioning system tightness checkup and fault detection;
  • Cooling reagent extraction;
  • System vacuuming;
  • System draining;
  • Partial cleaning of the filter drain;
  • Refilling system with cooling reagent;
  • Air flow change in the cabin measuring;
  • Spraying evaporator using a special antiseptic that kills mould bacteria and unpleasant smell in the cabin.