Draudiminių įvykių administravimas

Most of the drivers have experienced small or bigger accidents that caused some stressful situations. There is quite an effective order in Lithuania, which, in some cases, allows drivers to record accidents without calling the police. It is relevant for insurance companies that made this execution easier because, in many cases, there is no need for police reports as an accident declaration is enough.

What should you do in case of an accident? First, fill in the before-mentioned declaration with the driver of another car or alone. The next step the victim has to do is to call the insurance company and report the incident. Usually, biggest insurance companies in Lithuania (Lietuvos draudimas, Gjensidige, IF…, ERGO, BTA, Compensa) don’t require you to present the car that was in an accident to the experts to see the car and estimate the damage.

Every car in the accident gets a damage number which you have to bring to us, car center AUTO AKSTĖ, and let us solve your problems.

We’ve been partners of these companies for many years. Upon the agreement with these companies, we inspect your car at the place of the accident, take pictures of the cars, help clients fill in the report on the event, we consult you about the damage compensation terms (VAT, franchise, wear and tear, and residual value), prepare all the necessary documents and sent it to the insurance company.

Then we agree on the date of the repair with the client, and, if needed, we give a replacement car for the repair period.

Some of the clients prefer not to have their cars repaired at the car center. They take the compensation from the insurance company and try to have their car repaired on the cheap at some garage of a friend, neighbor, or relative. We don’t recommend this because of a few reasons:

  1. Body repair is a complex process. It consists of repair and replacement of metal and plastic parts, car’s preparation for painting and painting itself, body and suspension geometry restoration, cooling and conditioning system repair, light alignment and so on.
  2. At AUTO AKSTĖ, all of these procedures are done here as we have all the necessary equipment and specialists. Bringing your car to various workshops, you will waste a lot of time, and it won’t necessary guarantee good quality. Car center AUTO AKSTĖ provides long-term warranty.
  3. Our services are insured by the civil liability insurance, which guarantees quality. The main thing is that if the car isn’t dismantled when estimating the damage, many of externally invisible defects cannot be detected. Thus the compensation you get from the insurance company is not enough for the quality repair of your car. Employees at the car center AUTO AKSTĖ communicate with your company’s damage department. During the repair, they coordinate all the lists with parts to be repaired or replaced, so a FULL estimate is reimbursed after the repair.

We don’t want you to get in an accident. But if it happens, trust us and we won’t disappoint you.