Did your car brake down?

Do not hesitate and choose our car center! We pay all of our attention and resources to repair it properly so that you could drive safely and go on long trips without worrying.

Our car center in Kaunas is well known and valued by regular clients. You can trust us as well and come to us before an accident happens. 90% of all the breakdowns can be detected during a regular check-up and prevent it from causing problems. Repair works are more expensive than diagnostics, and those who know this can drive safely and be secured.

Our car center provides these services:

  • Technical inspection;
  • Engine and systems diagnostics;
  • Suspension, chassis, steering wheel system inspection and repair;
  • Break system inspection and repair;
  • Wheel mounting and balancing;
  • Wheel geometry setting (alignment);
  • Body repair and painting;
  • Administration of secured events;
  • Technical assistance on the road;
  • Replacement car;
  • Conditioner repair and refilling;
  • Small and capital engine repair;
  • Transmission and reducer repair;
  • Exhaust inspection and repair;
  • Electrical system troubleshooting;
  • Other small car repair works.

There are two car part shops which have a variety of body parts, lights, radiators, accumulators, suspension, transmission, engine and other parts. So you don’t need to waste time searching for the necessary parts. We also cooperate with scrap companies if clients insist on using second-hand parts (although our specialists don’t always agree with that).

We work fast and efficiently. One of the secrets of our efficiency is modern repair and diagnostics equipment in which we invest every year. Thanks to modern technologies, we can detect faults fast and accurately, and remove them.

Another factor is a professional team of 35 specialists. Our excellent managers take care of necessary spare parts so that our technicians could repair your car as fast as possible. Car center Auto Akstė is always your partner and friend.

For your convenience, we also work on Saturdays. We prefer to receive and advance call before you come so we could tell when exactly we can accept your car. Call us 8 699 55756 or +370 37 460 460. The car center saves its and clients’ time, and we value your punctuality.

One of the features that make us special is that we can offer ALL the car maintenance and upkeep services, from oil changing and engine diagnostics, to difficult body repair following accidents.